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January 16 2020

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August 04 2019

Mass Shootings: A Communal Prayer of Lament

June 27 2019

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January 25 2019

I’m the Devil.

January 22 2019

November 10 2018

October 25 2018

The Prayer I’m Praying for President Trump.

October 16 2018

The Invisible Pastor: Reflecting on Twenty Years of Ministry

October 12 2018

A Litany of Confession and Witness: Believe Women

October 11 2018

August 15 2018

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June 15 2018

June 12 2018

So many incredible spaces in Chicago. Always in a bit of awe in this city. #chicago #design #architecture #building #interiordesign #art #wallart #instagood #instatravel #travel #travelling
via Instagram ift.tt/2JOCvsF
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